Petite Faim

Selected as Highly recommended at the 2018 Oscar

("Nominated Short Films" category)

Music: Baptiste Leblanc


Finalist in the Animation International Film Schools 

category at the Student Academy Awards 2018

Music: Baptiste Leblanc

Tradition Gourmande

Music : Baptiste Leblanc

Sound Design : Axel Achard

Sang d'Encre

Music : Baptiste Leblanc

Sound Design : Baptiste Leblanc


Music: Baptiste Leblanc - Maya Aghniadis

Sweet Cocoon 

Selected as highly recommended at the 2015 Oscar ("Nominated Short Films" category)

Music: Baptiste Leblanc, Anthony Juret, Nicolas Montaigne, Pierre N'Guyen

Directors: Agathe Leroux, Flore Dechorgnat
Music et Sound Design: Baptiste Leblanc

Big Hero 6 (Cover)

Music : Baptiste Leblanc